A Ping Command is a useful command which is used to test out the speed of you and the connected network. If you are not aware of testing the speed of the connected network, then here we will show you the ways of using this Ping Command on a Computer system. 

The Ping Command Method is different for Windows, Mac and Linux Computer Systems, and for that reason, you have to follow the different tutorials for as per your PC system. Here, we have listed down all the methods to make use of the Ping Command on a respective PC system of yours. Let’s get on to the list of methods now! 

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Knowledge is Power, and in this competitive world, one has to be knowledgeable enough with the latest technology and its features. Life without computers is very difficult in this digital era. For that reason, you have to understand the different functionalities of the computer systems. Today’s topic is all about the Ping Command on a […]

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