How do I ping an IP from command prompt?

Knowledge is Power, and in this competitive world, one has to be knowledgeable enough with the latest technology and its features. Life without computers is very difficult in this digital era. For that reason, you have to understand the different functionalities of the computer systems. Today’s topic is all about the Ping Command on a computer system. We will let you know about how you can Ping an IP from the Command Prompt Window on a PC system. 

What is a Ping Command? 

A Ping Command is a useful command which is used to test out the speed of you and the connected network. If you are not aware of testing the speed of the connected network, then here we will show you the ways of using this Ping Command on a Computer system. 

The Ping Command Method is different for Windows, Mac and Linux Computer Systems, and for that reason, you have to follow the different tutorials for as per your PC system. Here, we have listed down all the methods to make use of the Ping Command on a respective PC system of yours. Let’s get on to the list of methods now! 

Ping Command on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System

The first thing you need to do is opening the command prompt Window or the Terminal on a respective PC system. Here we have listed down the ways of launching this Window on Windows, Mac and Linux PC systems

Command Prompt on Windows Operating System

To launch the Command Prompt Window on a Windows PC, click the Start Button and type in cmd in the search menu. Click the Enter button and the Command Prompt Window will be presented on your computer’s screen. 

Command Prompt on Mac System

Command Prompt is known as Terminal Window on Mac OS X. To launch the Terminal Window on your Mac system, you just need to go to the Applications folder from where you need to click on to the Terminal icon. The Terminal Window will be presented on your Computer Screen. 

Command Prompt on Linux System

For Linux users, opening the Command Prompt or Telnet or Terminal Window is easy. This can be found in the Accessories folder. Explore the Applications Directory and click the Accessories folder to get the Telnet from there. 

This is the first step you need to do on a respective PC system. You have to open the Command Prompt Window on a Windows PC, Terminal Window on a Mac system and a Telnet Window on a Linux System. 

The next thing you need to do is entering the Ping Command. There are two ways to ping command in the Window. The following commands are listed to check the Speed of the connected network on a PC system. 

“ping hostname or ping IP address”

In the above command, the Hostname is nothing but the name of the website you want to check the speed of it. You just need to replace the Hostname from the above command with a website URL. 

The next command features an IP Address which is a computer’s actual location on a Network. To check the Speed, you need to enter the IP Address of a particular PC system in the above command. 

Once you enter the hostname or IP Address with the Ping command, click the Enter button. 

Once you press the Enter button, you will see the Ping Output in the Command Prompt Window on your computer’s screen. The results will be right there under the command line and you don’t need to apply any other command or launch any other Window for the same. 

The Ping Output will have resulted in four-line and the method of reading the output is also unique. The first line of the result tells you what the command is actually doing? You will also be able to check the command lines in the results with the response time from the selected IP Address of the Hostname. 

Elon Musk’s Neuralink – The Mergence of The Human Brain With AI

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is an exciting venture that aims to merge artificial intelligence with the human brain. Elon Musk is backing a venture that is a brain-computer interface. Although this unique concept is in its inception stage and is not launched completely in the public space, it aims to create a device to be implanted within the human brain that will help human beings to merge with newly launched software. This will further help human beings to keep up with all the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

We all know of Elon Musk’s concerns and inhibitions of artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is only obvious that he is showing interest in this Neuralink project that will give a God-like power to human beings over all the other species and animals on earth. There are already some brain-computer interfaces which are helping the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the paralyzed to move their robotic arms. However, these interfaces are relatively very simple if we compare them to the big and ambitious goals of Musk.  

Elon Musk believes that people who are at their highest peak of health can easily start using these brain-computer interfaces for the enhancement of their cognitive skills in the coming 8-10 years.

With the help of experts in neuroscience and nanotechnology, Musk aims to use mesh electronics that would be injected into the bloodstream in order to attach themselves to the brain. This method seems to have an advantage over device implants because it reduces the risk of infections and complications that arise out of surgery. The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing along with a team from Harvard University created a small mesh to inject in the brain of a mouse.

This mesh comprised of transistors and some other components that were connected to electrodes so that they could send data to the computer. This implant through a mesh was successful and monitored the brain signals on sixteen channels that reflected the success of mesh technology to form a neural network between the human brain and a computer. In this regard, Elon Musk suggested that the insertion of the mesh should be done directly to an artery with the help of nanorobotics which is currently not in existence.        

Everyone knows that Elon Musk has absolutely no shortage of inspiring, ambitious and downright insane ideas but this brainy new venture of artificial neural network certainly takes the cake!

According to Musk, there is a multitude of quite interesting long-term objectives for Neuralink and other projects on neural networks. They include:

Make new implants which can be inserted into the brain surgically

It is interesting to note that this technology already exists. Several brain implants are used today to treat blind patients and those who suffer from neurological conditions with surprising success. These implants are mainly autonomous. Nobody interacts with them, and these implants don’t give extra capabilities to anyone. Naturally, Neuralink is an ambitious version of these implants and Musk is busy looking for a convolutional neural network that can integrate into the brain.

Enable Humans to Interact Mentally with the Devices that surround them

By devices, we largely mean brain-computer interfaces. The closest that we have gotten to interpret brain signals and enable people to control human movement is for prosthetic legs and arms. The step that comes after this is linking this technology with certain implants that can interface with external software rather than actuating movement. Neuralink dreams to see wearable devices do the same thing but admit that the brain implants and surgery are perhaps a substantial first step.

Allow Humans to Amass Data Through the Chip

To extrapolate on this fascinating theory, Neuralink wants to make chips that have the capability of processing power and increasing human storage. Accomplishing this probably requires an interface technology that we are quite far from yet. However, that’s the actual point of Neuralink.

Assist Medical Professionals in Treating Brain Injuries

As mentioned above, the ongoing projects on brain implants currently intend to aid in the recovery of disabled people. This is a perfect place for Neuralink to come in and create a new technology with new solutions.

This billion-dollar crusade of Elon Musk is an attempt to stop the apocalypse of artificial intelligence. His main motive behind the entire concept of Neuralink and the recurrent neural network is to fix disability and replace language as the world knows it.

Artificial intelligence can be a great thing to enhance and optimize menial work that is done by humans and leave them with more time for self-development. However, there are concerns shown by people all around the world who fear that if artificial intelligence is given too much power, it might take over the human race. In this regard, Elon Musk and some others, with the Neuralink project want to take the onus upon themselves to make human beings more advanced. This will imply that humans, with the help of external software, will be able to be at par with the highest and the most developed form of artificial intelligence.

This can remind us of some movies like Matrix and Terminator that we watched as teenagers or young adults. Are we heading towards a world full of technology? Amidst all this, let’s hope that we don’t lose human consciousness. Something that makes human beings special and gives them a status above the other animals and machines is the consciousness and feelings. The likelihood that a machine or an external software can help humans to rise above the current levels of consciousness and unite with the universe is less. But we can only wait to see what the future hold for us. There is a mixed feeling of excitement and fear amongst people. Either it can turn out very well for the planet, or we might all get extinct, leaving Mother Nature in peace!